Miriam Sitz

Columbia J-School Student and Freelance Reporter

New York, New York

Miriam Sitz

Miriam Sitz is freelance reporter from Texas and a student at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.


Pearl Brewery Redevelopment

In crafting the redevelopment master plan for the historic Pearl Brewery, Lake|Flato Architects catalyzed the revitalization of a previously neglected section of San Antonio’s urban core. The highly successful project strikes a delicate balance at the intersection of past and present, form and function, and residential and commercial spaces.
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Working Artifacts

The historic Pearl Brewery is a mixed-use village of commercial, residential and public spaces. This article investigates three restaurants (CURED, Local Coffee [both by Urbanist Design] and The Granary 'Cue and Brew [DADO Group]) housed in original buildings that have been creatively renovated.
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Is San Antonio Ready for High-End?

There’s a fascinating episode of the podcast Radiolab that investigates the history and science of color. One segment of that show, “Why Isn’t the Sky Blue? ,” explores the research Lazarus Geiger, a German philologist who, building upon the work of William Gladstone, discovered that as languages mature, words for distinct colors emerge in the same order every time.
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$500,000 Up for Grabs to Bring Mexican Startups to SA

In 1919, hotel magnate Raymond Orteig offered a prize of $25,000 for the first non-stop transatlantic flight between New York City and Paris. Less than a decade later, a 25-year-old pilot named Charles Lindbergh completed the challenge in 1927, rising from obscurity to world fame overnight. The incentive of the Orteig Prize and others before it fueled not only Lindbergh’s endeavor but many other attempts—all of which combined to accelerate the growth of the aviation industry at an exceptional rate.
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With a Hearty Keg Pull, Alamo Beer Co. Breaks Ground on Eastside Brewery

Neither hell, high water nor near-freezing temperatures could derail the Alamo Beer Company groundbreaking this morning. “I’ve waited so long to kick this thing off,” founder Eugene Simor told the Rivard Report by phone on Thursday. “I don’t care if it snows a foot tomorrow – we’re having this groundbreaking!”.
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Special Projects Social’s Tim McDiarmid Managing Communal Dining

Chef Tim McDiarmid and Peter Zubiate of Zubiate Projects have hosted almost 20 installments of the Special Projects Social. The pop-up dinner parties celebrate fine food, artisanal desserts and libations, music, art and creativity at large. While the two producers have the events down to a science, how can attendees most enjoy the art of communal dining?
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Symphony Musician Shares Suzuki with Youngest Learners

It’s Saturday morning in Aimee Toomes’ home violin studio. Two small poodles scurry around the room, greeting students as they arrive for class. By 9:30 a.m., two pint-sized students armed with tin...
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TEDx San Antonio: Minds Wide Open

Space exploration, stem cells, shale and sex: San Antonio's fourth TEDx took place yesterday, drawing some 500 attendees to the Rackspace Global Headquarters office.
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From MIT to SATX: Dr. Robert Langer Receives the 2013 Palmaz Award

Could doctors slow tumor proliferation by inhibiting blood vessel growth to the cancerous mass? Could chemotherapy treatments for brain cancer be delivered directly to the tumor site? Could a drug-...
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Grass-fed Beef and Bolsas From Rancho Ojo de Agua

Do you know where your meat comes from? Where it lived, what it ate or who took care of it? Customers of El Rancho Ojo de Agua can answer all those questions with a resounding yes. El Rancho Ojo de Agua has been in purveyor Susana Canseco’s family for six generations. In 1970, Susana’s father Guillermo “Memo” Canseco launched the ranch into the cattle business.
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River Proud: The Historic River Road Neighborhood

Tucked in a pocket between Brackenridge Park and HWY 281, River Road harkens back to a bygone era of neighborhoods that build community.
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A Day in the Life: Groomer Seafood

A family business since the late 1800s, San Antonio-based Groomer Seafood is one of the largest seafood distribution companies in Texas. Owners and brothers Rick and Mike Groomer descend from a long line of fishmongers, boasting origins in shrimping on one side of the family and fishing on the other.
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Miriam Sitz

Miriam Sitz, a native Texas, is a freelance reporter and a student at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Formerly based in San Antonio, she has reported on food, technology, higher ed, urban life and more for the Current, San Antonio's alt-weekly; the Rivard Report, a hyperlocal news website; the statewide Texas Architect magazine and the San Antonio Business Journal — among others.

In New York, she reports on local issues in northern Manhattan, from tech entrepreneurs in Harlem to crime (and mushrooms) in parks, for The Uptowner.